Saturday, 18 February 2012

lunch time makes me proud.

Finally, after 8 weeks of failing, it finally hit me.

I had to stop eating - so I did. But here's the thing:
I did go out for lunch with Skarsky on Thursday and Friday, he ate, I watched him eat, it was fun. He really wanted me to eat something as well, even though he normally hates sharing and hates it when I steal something from his plate, he got me a fork. But I said I wasn't hungry (Thursday).
That night I went to his place and we watched a movie - and he ordered pizza - a big one.
I was unable to count how many times he held a piece of pizza in my face and tried to tempt me but I stayed strong.
The next day I went to another shop to get some Red Bull and when I came back to the restaurant he was already eating - and two older guys from work were there as well. They asked if I wanted to eat something and I said I'd already eaten at work. Skarsky said nothing, this time he really didn't try to tempt me like the day before and I was glad for that.
I actually have to be a bit more careful because when we watched the movie there was this really awesome actress and my reaction was ... Wooohooow.
He looked at me as if I were mad and I said: "What, she looks awesome". The girl was really skinny as well.
And his reaction: "You're either bisexual or ... you don't have a problem with bulimia or anorexia do you."
It wasn't a question, it was: Ok, weird reaction, either obsessed with skinnyness or girls.

Both, babe.
I changed the subject as if it wasn't even worth a reaction but now I really have to be a lot more careful.

Btw, his ex is trying to hit on him again, he told me. Have to make sure I'm not acting like a jealous friend.

So I didn't eat for 48 hours and this night I had to eat some tomato soup with rice, had 260 kcal.
Today I had an italian bagel (405 kcal).
That's okay for now ...

But not eating felt better.
How are you guys doing?
I'll catch up on your blogs tomorrow, got to go now and get ready, we're going to this irish pub and I'm really really hoping to meet some cute guys there - maybe, hopefully there really are guys from the island. I miss british people!!

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  1. 8 weeks. :3
    wow. that's sweet of him. xD.
    so yummy.
    oh noes. be careful, love! don't give anyone ideas. it's damn hard to get them off your back that way!
    oh. i love you.
    so like "both, babe."
    women are yummy.
    especially Misha.
    wowza. someone's doing well! :3
    -Sam Lupin
    PS. ahahaha British people are awesome. but so are Irish.
    and Arab? ;) *Sam is so Arab it hurts*