Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Masterplan for the Australian situation

So I went back to the pub Monday night with S and we met this huge guy who's interested in me but not at all eye candy.
He was very blunt about wanting to date me and the Australian who worked behind the bar again apparently had a lot of fun watching the fiasko. To make the situation even worse he started flirting with me as well - only with huge guy around though. I gave him too much money and got a bill back in the shape of a heart. Why?
I have not spent it yet, it's somewhere in my purse. That heart is worth a lot even though I know he was only fooling around.
We didn't talk much, huge guy left after a while, S was talking to some guy and I knew the decoration of the pub by heart after a while - I kept staring at the shelves and had no one to talk to.

Yesterday I had nothing to eat - I simply forgot about it and had no time to think about it as well.
After work one of the guys from work sent me a text and asked me to come celebrate carneval with them, there were huge parties all over the country last night, every club was crowded - too crowded. After a while we went to the pub.
He was polite but ignored me most of the time. So I ignored him as well. I know it's a bit weird and ... well stalking if you want to call it that way but we would've gone to the pub anyway. And I wasn't looking after him, I ended up listening to an Irish band that played with 2 guys from work.

Thing is I had some beer and ended up in my colleagues bed because drunk driving is a bad idea on carnival. Police everywhere. Plus I don't do that anyway :) good girl. don't drink and drive.

He hugged me all night and it felt really nice. He kissed me twice as well but I didn't react. You know that feeling when you don't want to do it, never planned on it and know better but then there's the chemistry, that "for now"-feeling and you cannot resist?
I can never resist.
But I didn't kiss him.
I let him hug me and enjoyed having him around. Maybe it was because of feeling really lonely every night and finally having male company, maybe it was the Australians rejection ... most likely a combination of them.

Well I really hope that nothing's going to change at work.
No but what I wanted to tell you is:
He said he really loves my stomach.

Why does every man say that?
Apparently I have the softest skin on my stomach. Funny.

But I had to eat today because I felt really dizzy and weak and had only 4 hours of sleep (we were wide awake most of the time, cuddling) and went to work very early and stayed there for 10+ hours and had not eaten but too much cider the other night. So tomorrow I'm not going to step on the scales.

I'm on a good way though, forgetting to eat ...

Guys i cannot stop thinking about the Australian and really have no plan.
Any ideas?

Xo Xo

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  1. what are you doing in a pub again
    men. fuck them all. they all don't make any sense. is what i say.
    wow. actually forgetting to eat. that's nice. x3
    yessssss. so shut up and drive ;)
    you've been doing well from what i've heard. stay strong, beautiful chicka.
    -Sam Lupin