Thursday, 14 April 2011

eye candy

I had 600 kcal today. Uh no, a bit more even. Sorry.
So at work I had about 10 grapes and 5 strawberries (how many calories do you guess?) and when I came home I had a bowl of pasta with broccoli (which had 600 calories).

One of my friends thinks I'm crazy because I think Johnny Knoxville is super hot. I know, I'm a lot younger and should be fancying ... dunno, Robert Pattinson? But there's something about older men I really like. Not as in hey, he's got to be old, he's got to be in his late fourties or something like that. But if a guy's older and looks fresh and young and alive, that's hot, isn't it?
And Johnny Knoxville has all that plus a bit of arrogance, passion (for stupid things, yeah, but better than nothing), and I think that deep down he's actually one of the guys who aren't plain stupid. Hey, have a look at Jackass and compare him to ... let's say Bam. One of them is mature. And it's not Bam. I find that sexy.
Am I the only one? Yep, didn't think so.

Anyhow, here's some eye candy.

To me he's the ideal man. Strong, confident, true, himself, able to hold the hand of someone he loves, daring.
Oh, and sort of, kind of, a little bit hot.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

back to bloggers, new to American Diner.

You know American Idol and shows like that. we have DSDS. And normally I never watch these show but this year we have pretty amazing voices singing to us. I just had to share this. For example Marco's version of Use somebody isn't half bad, really.

Luckily I didn't oversleep this morning, even though I had only one hour of sleep.
And I just had dinner with L in an Amercian Diner. We have one, yes. I wish we hadn't ...
So you have to know one thing about L. We are about the same height, she's probably a bit shorter than I am, but she's quite skinny. Skinny as in ... hm, who could you compare her body to? Megan Fox maybe? Anyhow, she's skinnier than I am, she weighs about 108 lbs. I'll try to find out how perfect her BMI is.
L eats half portions only. But most people don't even notice. I have no idea if she has an eating disorder or not (I don't want her to, because she knows about mine and we're frenemies. She'd be the successful one and I don't want that).
So today she ordered a burger and I did, too. But I ordered a side salad.

I had no idea how huge portions are in an American diner! Blimey. Sorry guys, but you Americans, you're sick. Is that really normal in the US?!? It's ... I don't even have words for it, really.
But today I only ate half of the burger as well and had only a couple forks of my salad. I even made L eat some more of my salad, how good is that?!

L is my thinspiration.
Do not judge me, I am not a bad person. Some of you guys know L and know what sort of realationship we have. But what she's also very good at is telling me that she had to put another hole into her belt because she lost weight yet again, a second before ordering.
For almost two years now I've been trying to lose weight as quickly as she did. All of a sudden she had a gap between her thighs. And it seems like she's never even heard of the jojo effect.
One day I'll be as skinny as her.

I want to start working out again but don't have the time. Seriously, this isn't a bad excuse. I get up at 7, go to work, and I'm in the office until AT LEAST 5.30 pm but most days 8 pm. Sometimes even 9 to 10.
Even when I find the time to get out of the office at 5, until i'm back home it's 6. There's no gym nearby. I'd have to walk 40 minutes through the darkness and back but the area where the next tym is is quite a ghetto. Plus I don't have the time to go to the gym because if I can get out of the office early, I have to use that time to run my errands. Stuuuuuuuuuupid!!!

But I'll find a solution.
And now I'll catch up on Sarah. :)
My dear, dear Sarah. <3

ah let me know what you think of dear Marco Angelini and his live cover of use somebody.

Monday, 11 April 2011

The Miss

  1. German. [I hate being German. They don’t even have a proper language. It sounds weird. There’s no melody in it.]
  2. something between 19 and 24 years old. August. I’m one of the guys with long yellow hair, sharp teeth and a wild roar. Be afraid. Beware.
  3. I am proud of my hair. It is proper red. It looks amazing. Think something between Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna.
  4. I have a brother, a mother and a stepdad.
  5. I'm in sales and marketing.
  6. I moved to London when I was a teenager and lived there for a while. Without my parents.
  7. I will not stay in Germany.
  8. I consider London as my hometown. And whenever football’s on TV and I’m at our local bar, football's on TV, England vs Germany, I’m the one cheering for England. I have many enemies in that bar.
  9. I dont know how tall exactly I am but think 172 cm tall.
  10. Currently I weigh sometimes 127 to 131 lbs.
  11. I have been 140 lbs before. Which means 131 is considerably good. OK it's not, I've been there for years so it is not, really.
  12. I am not into labels. This is always my response when someone asks me about my sexuality. They don’t get it? I don’t explain. I only say “I am not into categorising people.
    Which is true. I know which sex I prefer. But you never know what happens. And even if, you’d be put in a corner. I hate that. Sexuality is fluid. So I don’t even call myself bisexual. I know what I want, I think, mostly, but I’ll do whatever I feel like at the moment
  13. I try to live in the moment.
  14. I have a very turbulent and entertaining yet chaotic love life. This does not say I have a relationship. I don’t and I don’t think I’ll have one in the next couple months. I’m not really a relationship person. Sometimes I wish I had one, though.
  15. I have 2 close female friends. L, who's sometimes my biggest enemy (people who know my last blog know her and probably think "WTF get rid of that weirdo already!"). B, who is a couple years older than me but acts like a child most of the time (I'm the grown up, even though she's a mum).
Hello there. This is me. Miss Burton. Starting a new blog because the old one is ... old. And because I finally have INTERNET! WOOOOOOOOOH!
I know most of you won't remember me or notice that I'm back but here's hoping ... and I really need to blog again, I've MISSED it.

I think I'll shut down the old blogs in a couple weeks, until then you have time to read some pages again and try to remember me. Haha. Good luck.