Thursday, 14 April 2011

eye candy

I had 600 kcal today. Uh no, a bit more even. Sorry.
So at work I had about 10 grapes and 5 strawberries (how many calories do you guess?) and when I came home I had a bowl of pasta with broccoli (which had 600 calories).

One of my friends thinks I'm crazy because I think Johnny Knoxville is super hot. I know, I'm a lot younger and should be fancying ... dunno, Robert Pattinson? But there's something about older men I really like. Not as in hey, he's got to be old, he's got to be in his late fourties or something like that. But if a guy's older and looks fresh and young and alive, that's hot, isn't it?
And Johnny Knoxville has all that plus a bit of arrogance, passion (for stupid things, yeah, but better than nothing), and I think that deep down he's actually one of the guys who aren't plain stupid. Hey, have a look at Jackass and compare him to ... let's say Bam. One of them is mature. And it's not Bam. I find that sexy.
Am I the only one? Yep, didn't think so.

Anyhow, here's some eye candy.

To me he's the ideal man. Strong, confident, true, himself, able to hold the hand of someone he loves, daring.
Oh, and sort of, kind of, a little bit hot.

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