Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Found the blogger app.

- Finally. And with no Internet back home I am not afraid to use this app from now on. Hope it's not connected to facefuck ... Took me a month to find out that with a facefuck app you're pretty much doomed, whatever you're doing, it'll end up on ff.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ana apps

Sorry I've been really busy at work.

Well. My scales are not working - I used someone elses this morning and apparently I gained all the weight back. 133 lbs.

Sam doesn't want to post the weight.

But here's Luce's stats (from yesterda):

Current weight: 132.7 lbs
BMI: 21.1
Lost: -1.3 lbs

Very good! Keep it going love, I promise I'll get some batteries tomorrow or Saturday and post my own stats then okay?

Not much to tell to be honest, all I do is work. Had a pint with the guy from work I stayed with the other night, the one who likes to cuddle - went to the pub and again the Australian wasn't there. I don't go there because of him, really. I love the pub. But when I left I noticed I had not seen him since that night.

I feel bloated, had too much ... spaghetti - Sam please don't say anything! And I've been trying to contact an old friend who is really good when it comes to ana and mia and always kicked my ass. We talked every night on the phone - never seen her but she was the best ana friend I ever had. We could go for days without food as long as we stayed in touch.
Need her back, obviously.

Do you happen to know any good iphone apps (free ones!!!) that help you when it comes to ana? Thinspo apps, sports apps, eating diary apps?

Please leave comments and tell me where to find the good apps.


(or -1.3 from the beginning)

current BMI: 21.1