Monday, 11 April 2011

The Miss

  1. German. [I hate being German. They don’t even have a proper language. It sounds weird. There’s no melody in it.]
  2. something between 19 and 24 years old. August. I’m one of the guys with long yellow hair, sharp teeth and a wild roar. Be afraid. Beware.
  3. I am proud of my hair. It is proper red. It looks amazing. Think something between Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna.
  4. I have a brother, a mother and a stepdad.
  5. I'm in sales and marketing.
  6. I moved to London when I was a teenager and lived there for a while. Without my parents.
  7. I will not stay in Germany.
  8. I consider London as my hometown. And whenever football’s on TV and I’m at our local bar, football's on TV, England vs Germany, I’m the one cheering for England. I have many enemies in that bar.
  9. I dont know how tall exactly I am but think 172 cm tall.
  10. Currently I weigh sometimes 127 to 131 lbs.
  11. I have been 140 lbs before. Which means 131 is considerably good. OK it's not, I've been there for years so it is not, really.
  12. I am not into labels. This is always my response when someone asks me about my sexuality. They don’t get it? I don’t explain. I only say “I am not into categorising people.
    Which is true. I know which sex I prefer. But you never know what happens. And even if, you’d be put in a corner. I hate that. Sexuality is fluid. So I don’t even call myself bisexual. I know what I want, I think, mostly, but I’ll do whatever I feel like at the moment
  13. I try to live in the moment.
  14. I have a very turbulent and entertaining yet chaotic love life. This does not say I have a relationship. I don’t and I don’t think I’ll have one in the next couple months. I’m not really a relationship person. Sometimes I wish I had one, though.
  15. I have 2 close female friends. L, who's sometimes my biggest enemy (people who know my last blog know her and probably think "WTF get rid of that weirdo already!"). B, who is a couple years older than me but acts like a child most of the time (I'm the grown up, even though she's a mum).
Hello there. This is me. Miss Burton. Starting a new blog because the old one is ... old. And because I finally have INTERNET! WOOOOOOOOOH!
I know most of you won't remember me or notice that I'm back but here's hoping ... and I really need to blog again, I've MISSED it.

I think I'll shut down the old blogs in a couple weeks, until then you have time to read some pages again and try to remember me. Haha. Good luck.


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