Saturday, 25 February 2012

just had sex with the australian

who's got a girlfriend, apparently. thanks for telling me.
And I lost 4,6 lbs over night! ah, no, even more! 6!

Todays stats:

Start weight: 134,5
Current weight: 128 lbs

WTF I lost 6,6 lbs over night!
Current BMI: 19.6


Got to get some sleep have not slept since yesterday, not one minute. Was way too busy shagging my brains out.

Sam, stats?

Xo Xo

1 comment:

  1. 151,6. fucking period. of fucking Hell. >_< you need to show me some magic, beautiful chicka. i'd love to lose that much. <3
    and did you? Aussies give you magic and you lose 6,6lbs overnight. how is that even possible-
    i'm so jelly of you. you lose at the rate of ten people. xD.
    actually. for someone who has their period, that's a good weight. it's not +3-4lbs like usual.
    -Sam Lupin