Sunday, 19 February 2012

Apparently I do.

Last night was boring, we had one beer in an empty pub and left before midnight ...
of course NOT!

Now let me tell you everything ... I can remember.

My friend S and I went to the pub at 8 pm - my brother and his flatmate were with us but left early because it was "too boring" - they should've waited more than 5 minutes for something to happen.

The pub was really cute, tiny, CROWDED!

Like an irish pub should be.
We met so many people - men, mostly, there were only 3 other women actually, really. but about 100 men. And men they were, not boys. Real men. Oh god.

And everyone from ireland or australia! Finally I had a chance to speak english again!
I really hate the German language and prefer speaking english but with whom? So S had to speak English as well but she did really good.

We really knocked ourselves out, even though we'd said we wanted to leave by midnight to make it to the gym in the morning, 9 am.
Please don't hate me for not going to the gym but there was no way I could've done it.
it wasn't possible. Not after so many KilkennyGinger and Bulmers and J├Ągermeister. And Whiskey. I don't drink Whiskey. Or so I thought. Apparently I do.

The moment we came in and ordered our first bulmers we noticed the barkeepers. One of them long black hair and a real beard, the other one red hair, bit younger. Looked nice. And irish. He's not, he's from Australia ( found out a second ago, S just told me. Hello?! I'm really good with placing accents. Now you know how drunk I must've been)
but we didn't even argue about him because he didn't seem to be interested in flirting with the only two good looking girls in the bar, not at all.
And apart from the body fat we really looked good.

Well, there were other men, one of them already gave me a call but he's not my type, too tall, too ... sorry, really really sorry, but he's got a bit of a belly I think and I can't have that. Yes, I am that superficial.

So we had all this beer and the whiskey and it was 5 am (hello gym in 4 hours. we still thought we'd make it) and everyone left the pub and apparently - now I have to tell you this the way S told me because I don't remember everything.
Apparently I turned round, went back and wanted to say goodbye to the barkeepers.

All the men were outside, with S. Waiting.
For 45 minutes.

Somewhen during those 45 minutes I discovered that I was kissing quite a hot bartender.
Who started it? Him? Me? I'd kill to find out. Please, I don't want to be this girl that came back in and attacked a bartender. There must've been some talking ... Ah. or not, no wonder I couldn't place his accent.
Damn, he really looked so irish.

Ok so after a while S came back in. The other barkeeper apparently locked the door behind her, thats what the other guy told me on the phone. He sounded a bit hurt and said something like "was a clear signal" and "probably played guitar" (S told me the barkeeper actually started playing the guitar) and "yeah I guess he'll be working tomorrow" when I mentioned that S wanted to go to the pub again. He was jealous. Poor guy.

So he locked the door in front of those guys and that's when we started drinking again. S had to talk to the other guy because ... well, Australian and I were sort of unable to talk.

After a couple hours i guess S told me to get my stuff and get going. We made our way to the train and BAAAAMM all of a sudden there's the Australian in front of us, on a bike. He scared the shit out of me. Now I don't remember it but S told me that we had no time to talk, train was already there, but kissed again and then we left.
He wanted to make sure we're okay. God. Dear god. I must've looked really ... fugly, wasted, tired.

And I slept all day, tried to eat some spaghetti (ordered spaghetti. Read Sams spaghetti-post and wanted to order spaghetti) and some salad. I had way too much but not even half of it. So ... yeah, okay I guess.

127,89 lbs it was this morning i think.

I still have a massive headache.

Well, we decided to go to the pub tomorrow after work. To be honest, i'm nervous, I think the guy was nice ... And I was so out of conrol and cannot remember anything.
Glad I have S, now i know his name, age (32 makes him 10 yrs older then me, more experienced and still not too old, perfect age), that he's from Autralia and not Ireland and ... yeah. That's about it.

I'll try to eat some more, maybe I'll feel better than. And go to sleep. God, this night really killed me.
Love you :)


  1. one drink at a pub? love, i don't drink and i even i don't think it's possible just to have 'one peaceful drink and go back home'. xD.
    real men? like me. oh gawd.
    ouch. gym after all that booze? we don't want you to die, beautiful.
    i prefer my woman chubbier. actually, i like having chubby women. 'cause i look thinner next to them, or because i just don't want to worry about my girlfriend starving herself if she's on top of me and i can feel her hipbone. nope. plus, all the girls i seem to have a crush on are either chubby or very normal in terms of weight.
    Miss Burton, i need to take you to a pub one day. i'll order peanut butter alcohol or make it. or create it.
    this all happened in one night??
    food...gaaaaah. i want food.
    -Sam Lupin
    PS. yes. i am so Arab that it hurts. my galabiya, and abaya, and my kebba says so.
    PSS. i don't eat kebba. it's not vegetarian.

  2. Stop posting so much while i havent been on blogger! I have so much reading to do!
    I just got through about three posts, ill catch up on the rest of them tomorrow.
    Well done, oh so proud of you. We are a country filled with sexy people, so theres no doubt in my mind that he was amazing. Even if you cant really remember him, I definitely just clarified that he's a bit of a winner. :D
    Miss you!