Monday, 20 February 2012

oh the nerves ...

Lovely Sarah is back! Nice!

My stomach hurt so much today, I really had trouble at work.
And I was in the best mood at the same time, could not stop smiling and grinning, my boss was a bit shocked to see me so happy.
Went for lunch with Skarsky and an American (I'm really running out of chances to speak my own language) and had nothing, only a bit of mice to calm Skarsky down. But my stomach kept hurting.
So my boss sent me home.
I went to my mother's and had some salad, bit of cheese and some bread, NOT MUCH, really.

And now i'm home, still feel horrible but have to pick up S in an hour - we want to go back to the pub.
I'm so shit scared. I really don't know what to say, I already feel like a 13 year old stalker with hearts in her eyes. Shouldn't have snogged the barkeeper.
But I liked that pub.
Hope it'll be crowded, I don't really want to talk to him because I can't get wasted and my english is horrible when I'm sober and because of my accent people expect me to speak proper english, grammar, vocabular but all I can do is this high pitched squealing english ...

Oh I am so so so nervous.


Plus I gained 3 lbs after those couple spaghetti yesterday! So unfair!

God ... got to get ready ... need a new face and new body before i see him again. new identity and new mother tongue as well.

fucking hell I really fucking hate being german! I'd happily weigh 5 lbs more, even 10 if I were british.


  1. lovely,
    you crack me up, I swear!
    Stay strong and HAVE FUN!


  2. aweee.
    stay happy all of the time, pretty lady! it should be a shocker to see you down <3
    what the hell is mice
    cheeeese omfgosh
    you're my 13 year old stalker with hearts in your eyes.
    English squeals are gorgeous.
    3lbs off spaghetti. how is that even possible
    bitch scale.
    and if i wasn't Arab, i'd want to weigh even less. xD i have sanity.

    -Sam Lupin

    PS. sort of have sanity.
    PSS. alright. i'm as insane as a stuffed pig in an asylum.