Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The devil wears prada. And in this case the devil has the figure of Beth Ditto.

Please stop blogging for a couple weeks you guys??? Please?
It really is not easy, catching up on you. I read a couple posts but have to go to bed now - I just fell asleep over someone's blog, not a nice thing! I'll try to continue tomorrow.

No, I've not been to the gym. I have no time!
Remember I had the flu - I still have, actually. But I'm at work, everyday. Up to 11 hours sometimes because - well, employment probation is nearly over and a lot is going on, my boss is testing me, he's like Miranda Priestly in the devil wears Prada.

No shit, he really is. There are those faux-projects I have to work on until I finally find out that it is completely unnecessary because we don't sell sth, we don't need sth or there's a new contract with someone. He'll let me work my way through the papers for 6 hours, six!!! until I realise - on my own - that it's been a test.
believe me, guys, I'm really tired.

I keep eating, I have no time to go to the gym and I fell asleep in Skarskys car on our way to lunch at 1 pm on a 3 minutes drive. Pathetic.

I also feel like letting you guys down because I barely leave comments - ok, not my fault, it takes up to an hour to catch up on every single blog (not Sams though, a lot more time required when it comes to you), I have no time to post nice pictures, I am RAMBLING and I have not published a post in so many days ...

It'll be better in a month, when probation's over, okay?
I'll be back 100 per cent then.


  1. ahahaha. awe, love. i'm not blogging for much...i can't. my head would explode if i try to write a post. it'll take me hours to get a coherent thought out. in comments, i don't have to be coherent.
    that fucking bastard.
    aweeeeee. i'm so sorry i'm a rambler. eh. i'm doing it right now, aren't i? fucccck. >_<
    -Sam Lupin

  2. take care of yourself Nads... please do it!