Sunday, 1 January 2012

And don't you do anything when he kisses you.

Well then - happy new year. May 2012 bring lots of energy so we can go to the gym, lots of willpower so we can say no to too many calories and someone to tattoo guys we cannot trust a mark on the forehead so we are safe.

What were you up to? Friends and family and lots of champagne?

I went to the befriended couple and apart from me and the girlfriend there were only men. It was fun. No bitching, no silly laughs, nothing, but fun. The guy I met on the party during stocktaking, who went bowling with us last week, he was there, too.

He kissed me and I didn't do anything. Nothing, I let him kiss me but didn't kiss him back and please do not ask me why but he was soooooooooo scared when he pulled back and had this look on his face, like someone who wants to cry out "Please, god, give me a sign, what is going on?".

It was funny, really.

Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy - but I don't really want to get involved.
The day I met him a friend and I were talking about how men have to act to achieve their goals, relationships or ONS. I basically gave him the perfect manual instruction for me.
I know his friends had this conversation in which they basically decided that I wasn't the right one, they rather wouldn't see me fooling around with him. Okay, his decision but ... dunno.
I met him three times and all of a sudden he kisses me. From day one there was a chemistry that everybody noticed but he never asked me out.
Why now?

Of course I'm careful. Last guy I got involved with managed to kick me out of my group of friends. Okay, I decided to go but it was due to him. He also managed to make me feel really horrible, my self esteem was ... hello down there? How's the middle of the world? warm? Feeling comfy? That low.

I cannot do this.
But like him. So I let him kiss me and that way everyone got what they wanted and hip hip hurray.


just a thought that hit me on my way home. Really, I know I'm sending mixed signals and of course he has no idea what I'm thinking but come on, guys really have to prove they're worth it.

Oh, they had hamburger but I didn't. Good eh? But had spaghetti today, sorry. It was really necessary to soak up all that booze in my belly ... God I got so wasted last night.

I weighed 131,2 lbs this morning.
Let the new countdown begin.

It took Skarsky 18 hours to reply to my happy new year text.


  1. hope you had a great new year, and 2012 brings you health and happiness <3

  2. 18 hours to reply isn't bad. i texted this guy and he said 'who is this,' and another one texted 'come meet me now.' yeap. well happy new year, to a skinny year!

  3. Sweet song, very lovely. I added it to my playlist :)

  4. A countdown is really necessary for me.
    I WILL skip lunch and hit the gym today (instead of lunchbreak). My training program says I have to rum 10km at a 10.5km per hour pace. Fuck me.
    Love you lots Nads! Happy new year!

  5. energy??? :P i'm practically falling asleep! i'd love some of that gorgeous energy. i'm finding it hard to give a damn about anything up to this moment, until i finish those damn Bio notes and that damn OCD paper. and that damn oral.
    girls bitching is hilarious! ;P funnest part of just sitting there with girls. they'll just start going all drama and 'nooooooooooooo' on us.
    he kisses you because you're damn irresistible is why.
    must be that cream cheese you had once.
    131,2 asdfghjjkl why are you so fucking tiny?!
    -Sam Lupin
    .......PS. me loves you. sorry for the weirdness of this comment. i am knackered. it's 11:52pm and i've got school tomorrow. <3