Wednesday, 11 January 2012


It really took 28 minutes to load this page! To be able to post something.


Jesus FUCKing Christ!
Because I had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to post - but no internet connection! I spent last week in bed - basically since my last post, apart from Thursday when I tried to go to work - they sent me back home within 4 minutes - and Saturday night when I decided to fuck all this and went ice skating with the couple. Turned out to be a good thing because I finally started sweating like hell and that's a good thing, right?

Since Monday I'm back in the office but still coughing and feeling dizzy - but I want to work. Hell, I cannot even bear one week outside the office, I go mad as soon as they say "Take a week off, B. You deserve a week off, get some rest". What for? It's boring back home, I'M SINGLE, there's no one to entertain me!

So I wanted to post but had no connection at all. It's a bit better now, hey, 28 minutes to open a website. Great.
And because I lost touch with you guys and I could not go to the gym - I ate.

I binged, to be more precise.
Every day for one week. Pizza AND Pasta AND half a cake EVERY day - can you imagine how bloated i am? How bloated I feel?

How bloated I LOOK?

It got even worse this Sunday because finally, finally Skarsky called and asked if I had time, if I was up to do something.

I WAS! I wanted to finally see him in the real world, not our offices!
And I could not because I looked horrible, I smelled horrible and the stuff I kept coughing out was even more horrible. I was the flu monster or something like that.

Only good news is:

I think maybe I can even go back to the gym tomorrow. It's not good today, I'm still a little weak, but tomorrow I'll try.
And I think in two days I can get the new code for my internet which means it'll be a lot faster and I'm back again. :)
Good, right?

Plus Skarsky will be back at work next Monday - finally! And I'll probably start going out for lunch withe the guys again - good because that means I'll be more aware of my eating, get back in my "pour all the salt you can find on half of the portion" routine and eat only one meal the entire day. See, that's why I missed him so much.

And now lets pray that it'll publish this post ...

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  1. you did publish!
    hey the flu has kicked balls this year, same thing around here
    I'll be working in German over the next three weeks - for fuck's sake, I barely remember three words of German!!!
    I hope you'll get better soon and manage to get back to the gym honey