Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Waste of time and energy - the ex.

Hello my lovelies - missed me?

I sure as hell missed you. Or being online for that matter. Even at work I had barely time to check my mails because I only used the computer for work - actual work. After finding out a couple things at work I deleted the blogger app from my smartphone - wasn't safe, really.

But here's the good news: 

I quit my job, no longer work for my horrible boss, no longer have that smartphone the company provided - and got myself a new one! Sweet Jesus, i will be connected to the world again!

All is good.

Got myself a new job - doesn't really mean much more money but a new boss and that's like getting a 1.000 € raise/month, believe me! Plus hopefully more free time - for the last year I worked from 7 am until 10 pm so very often, I am absolutely exhausted.

Another mistake last year was the "relationship" - lasted a  couple months but never saw him, english bloke but a real tosser. Barely saw him, never had time to come see me, always had to drive to his place (gas prizes are insane!) - after working 10 hours+, mind you, never listened, always sulking - and 10 years older than me! But such a child. He was a real waste of time and energy and when I really needed him because work was so frustrating, he wasn't there for me but talked behind my back because I never had time for him (cuz of work). Let me point out that I always drove to his place after work, ignoring the gas prizes or the time, just to see him, he never came to see me.
In the end we never even broke up officially. He started sulking again because for 3 days in a row I had no time to drive to his place after leaving work at 10 or 11ish (stocktaking) and because I was applying for jobs at the same time. Due to my lack of sleep it was already quite dangerous to drive back home - one of my friends drove me from time to time because he thought it was really dangerous, me getting behind the wheel after working so many hours and getting  no sleep. Stole a lot of his time but he said he wanted me to be safe. So I couldn't drive to another city every night to go see my "boyfriend" but suggested that he'd come visit me (he had never been to my place!!!). Can't, no money for the train. But when I found out that he spent every night at the local pub when he pretended to have no money for a 30 min train ride, I pointed out that this was a bit weird. Now according to him it's something else, borrowing money from the barkeeper/roomie for a pint or 5 and lots of shots, that is something else, less embarassing than borrowing 3 € from the same guy for a train ride. And that's when I stopped answering or apologising for anything. Last time I heard from him.

That was in autumn.
Since then I got myself a new job, unfortunately gained lots of weight (bad since I stopped going to the gym because of the ex, wanted to spend time with him instead), got rid of some friends I realised weren't good for me and now I'm trying to start over again.

I even went to the gym this Sunday!
Big mistake. Cannot walk. Everything hurts. I was determined to go today as well and I swear to god I would've - it's just I even had to leave my car in the jacket - jacket in the car, whoops - because I couldn't bend down to pick it up from the back seat - and it's freezing cold, it's WINTER!

Hopefully I'll be able to go tomorrow. I really want to get in shape again. Luckily I look quite skinny in clothes, especially my legs, but boy, you wouldn't want to see me in a bikini.

So. Here I am again. Time to catch up on your blogs. Might take a while, like I said, I am really exhausted from last year and had not one free day since ... oh shoot. July? Something like that. I only had 10 free days last year which is why my boss and I had a bit of an argument (of course they have to pay for the holidays I never took) and I only had a 10 hour break between my old and my new job. Crazy, huh? So I might read blogs for another hour but then off to bed.

Anyhow, it's good to be back!


  1. always better to quit jobs because the bosses suck donkey butt :3
    ew 7 to 10 thats depressing
    xD 'wanted to spend time with the ex'. tell him to suck your balls now
    and when you say 'lots', i still don't imagine you having had actually gained lots. :)
    ffffffffff slave driver

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I AM SO HAPPY you're back!!!
    My motivation has instantly sparkled again!!!


    Now I'm going to the gym to celebrate that you're back