Thursday, 7 February 2013

Gym time

I finally got my new smartphone so now I can use the blogger app. Haven't found out how to see the blogs I'm reading or how to change colour and all that but I will find a way.

It's "fasching" in Germany - started today. It's a German tradition, everyone dresses up, some wear real costumes like Americans do on Halloween, but there are areas in which most people just wear a wig, fake fur costs, sunglasses, cover their face in shoe paint and later coloured powder, they all get drunk and of course the "garde" is there - lots of funny people playing in like an orchestra or sth. It is quite fun as long as it's real and not the shit they show on tv. I, however, will be working tomorrow. Which is why I would just love to kick their arses - live in the city and I hear them all partying. Not fair. Fasching won't be over until Wednesday but I need to get some rest over the weekend, not taking a break between the two jobs is killing me.

So I went to the gym again today and lasted an hour - until they closed. I only had time for a quick shower and 5 minutes outside at the lake.

I am member at a real classy gym where they have a wellness and beauty area, their own lake and part of a fake beach, everything. It's quite fancy. I normally never talk to people there but since last week I noticed that I'm getting better at it. I talked to women in the dressing room while getting changed!!! Never done that before! And when I walked outside, covered in nothing but a towel, to the lake, there was this guy, my age, and I talked to him as well! We were making fun about how tough we are, standing in the snow with nothing but a towel around our bodies and teasing each other because neither of us wanted to go for a swim.

Maybe my parents were right. Maybe I am changing, now that I no longer work for the tosser that was my team leader. Maybe I really am a lot more ... Relaxed.

But my body still looks horrible. I have ... orange skin.
Everything is wobbly and doesn't look nice. I look quite skinny when I'm dressed and luckily have skinny arms and my collarbone sticks out a bit but I have a tummy and my thighs are enormous - and wobbly.

Give me 5 months. I'll change that.

Just saw that one of my former colleagues emailed me :) yay. Nice to hear that people miss me.

Ok off to bed now have to get up in 4,5 hours again.


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  1. and yet again your working life makes me depressed
    xD that bastard really
    and thats nice. i LOVEEEEEEE socialising just not at the gym. the gym is a place to go at it for me. :P
    awwww you're cute
    and yay! i bet you look stunning ;)
    -Sam Lupin