Sunday, 24 February 2013


Something interesting is going on with meat in Europe.

Horse. In everything. You cannot even have a normal kebap without having to wonder whether you're chewing on horse meat or not.

Saw a documentary this Wednesday where they showed how they transport horses to the butcher. What you have to consider though: it's not only horses. They treat all the animals like this.

One example:
Eggs. I love eggs.
But have you ever considered what happens to most baby cocks? Chicken - well keep them. They produce eggs, we can sell them.
But baby cocks - most of them end up in a box, they sort of "collect" them, when they're still alive, then next box on top to fill with more baby cocks - don't worry about the ones in the box under this one! - and they end up in a ... shredder if you want to call it that way - and you know those protein shakes and pulver and whatever that so many people use to build up their muscles?
Tadaa. Disgusting, 

I sat there, crying. I knew all of this before. I used to be a vegetarian for so  many years. Then I started eating meat again - bulimia, thank you very much.
I have not eaten meat since Wednesday - it's not like I said: "Oh, I'm watching a documentary where they show how they treat animals before they slaughter them, maybe I should stop eating meat for a while because I'm shedding a tear and it would be hypocritical to have my ham sandwich in the morning" - Nope. I'm not like that.

I just haven't eaten meat since then. When I was a veggie, it was mainly because I couldn't eat meat without seeing an animal staring at me - but those days are over and the only reason is the eating disorder so I know that I will end up eating meat again. But I rather enjoy being able to resist again and I hope it will last for a while.


I spent a lot of money on housing lately - amazing how expensive everything is. And I really need a holiday, I should be saving money for this.

Australia - cannot afford to go there but I think it would be the best vacation spot for me.
Another idea are short trips.

Paris, London - cannot decide. I miss London, like hell! London is my home, I miss it, I want to go back!

Was in Paris once - for a weekend, on my own. It was rainy and I am pretty sure that Paris can be a wonderful and beautiful city - when it's sunny. I consider Paris very dependent on the weather.

Both places would be nice. I know where to find vintage shops and everything inspiring in LDN but Paris would be something new. But the weather ... hm.


working out has been kind of fun lately. But so far it's not done one thing to my body. I still have an enormous ass and everything's wobbly. My gym has a huge wellness and spa area but I haven't really used it because most people there are confident enough to not even wear a towel - I cannot even change in front of other people.

Well. I'm off to the gym now, actually.

Sorry for my bad english today, I'm really tired :( And cannot concentrate.
God I have to move back to England. I'm actually "unlearning" all my English skills. Hate it.


  1. dude it's all that's been on the news stations
    horse meat this
    horse meat that
    DO YOU WANT HORSE MEAT NO YOU DONT WANT HORSE MEAT i think Nestle was mentioned like 5000 times
    well bb you can't do that here animals have to be killed in a very specific way that's why nobody ever worries about where meat comes from here
    i was an avid vegetarian for like more than 2-3 years but i recently decided to incorporate fish in my diet. the fish here especially is amazing. of course, there's that whole mercury shit people are talking about BUT dude, every kind of food has its downfalls in the harvesting industry. you can't really torture a fish to death. xD it's more of a catch and cook deal
    i want to go to somewhere in Europe for my specialisation :3
    dude what
    - Sam Lupin

  2. Go to the greek islands! If you can take a break in May/June, they're cheeeaaaap and lovely amazing!!