Wednesday, 6 February 2013


My sports-obsessed family kept me from going to the gym today, how ironic is that?

I'll go for a run now, gym closes half an hour. Shame though because I am really quite bad at running - 15 minutes is a long time for me. Going to the gym and pushing myself there is a lot easier.

Maybe some exercise back home, too. Push ups and jumping jacks, whatever, as long as i keep moving.

Work is exhausting - I have been working 9 hours per day since I started - well, 8 hours + a one hour break (hate that but we have to take that break, if I keep working instead of taking the break they would still consider one hour my lunch time and I would lose hours) - and I am still exhausted - but my father says I haven't looked this healthy and "relaxed" for the last 4 years and he hopes I'm getting better.

He and my mother have been telling me for the last 2 years now that I'm nothing but a shadow of my former self and I guess they were right. Hopefully I'll find myself again.

Being back on blogger should help.

Oh and I'm so happy to have you back - cute, some of you haven't changed at all, still write like they used to, still obsessed with the same things, some have changed so much I don't even recognise them - not in a bad way, don't worry - and all of you have been through so much. Aw I missed you.

Uhm. Yeah. OK off now! RUN!!! now! Yap.

xoxo :)

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  1. the irony. the pure, cruel irony.
    change is weird and i don't know if i want it.
    -Sam Lupin