Wednesday, 21 December 2011

november post.

This post was written in November! Had no time to put it online but you can read it now :)

Oh Luce. I was at work when I read your comment and it made me laugh so much that my day was saved. Dunno why. But your attitude when it comes to dating at work was so optimistic ...

Please forgive me for disappointing you. I overslept this morning and had no time for the gym. Considering that I've been on my feet, working 9 to 11 hours every day since last Monday now, I guess this failure was ... okay. Not good, but okay.

What is not okay though is the pizza I just shoved down my throat. I've been doing really good during the last week, no food in front of the tv in the late afternoon, a lot of exercise - and still I have not lost any weight. The "it must be muscle weight you're gaining" doesn't count. There are no muscles, believe me. I still have a very long way to go.

You should try something:
Eat only one thing during the day - preferably for lunch since it really fills you up for a couple hours, you won't be hungry in the evening and you can enjoy feeling empty in the morning.
Next step: eat only half of what's on your plate. However big or small the portion is, throw half of it in the bin!!! GET RID OF IT!
And then run for 10 minutes every night. Or do something else. But move.

And now let go of all these stupid rules, eat your half sized portion for lunch, at nighttime fail and have a pizza.

Guess what will happen?
Of course. Next day you will be a right struggle. You'll eat more than you should because it is so easy to fall back into the old pattern.

So tomorrow I will have to prove to myself and to you that last week was not for nothing. I will not disappoint you.

I'm thinking about going for a quick run (after X-Factor :D) but I still haven't really slept, had no weekend and I am physically exhausted. 100 % exhausted.


Remember how I said I don't see him that often because - well obviously the warehouse is not round the corner. From time to time he walks in because there's a delivery but it doesn't happen regularly and there are many other people at the warehouse to do that job.

He did send me a couple unneccessary mails today though and I gave him a call to find out if he was having a laugh (of course he was ...) and during this very cute and weird conversation (now that inventory's over and we're all still working we're all nuts. Absolutely weird. Today three of us giggled for ten minutes, staring at the desktop, not even talking to each other but giggling even though there was no joke. Now imagine how odd the phone call must've been) - uhm. where was I ? Ah. Yep, during that call he mentioned that he'd come by the office tomorrow.

I have nothing to wear!!!
Why am I even thinking about that??! Jesus.

Today at work was a bit weird but I had a couple cigarettes with the younger guy who works in the same buidling, oh for fucks sake, let's give him a name. Hm. Uhm. Okay let's call him Skarsky because I once said he's the norhtern type like Alexander Skarsgard. kay. So Skarsky is very cynical and very often makes fun of me and is quite insulting at the same time. He would never comfort me, he's too much of a "bloke". I'm trying to look pretty and he stares at me and makes fun of my lipstick. That sort of guy. The kind of guy you have in every second soap opera, kind of an ass but you like him anyway.
He was very relaxed today and in a happy mood which I liked, for the first time ever he even walked with me the longer way back to the office because I had to pick up the mail (normally he goes back to the office without me even though it only costs half a minute to come with me).
I enjoyed that.

The third guy from work, the one I want to impress, let's call him ... shit, dunno. Already running out of names. Suggest something? Haha. Anyway, he's still not really talking to me, which is kind of sad.

Okay, X-factor is almost over, I'll go get my running shoes.

Hey guys. This is important to me - I really have no idea how to behave tomorrow at work when warehouseguy comes by.

Please advise me? I can read your mails at work so please, as soon as you have a tip for me, let me know!!!

The entire warehouseguy thing is really weird for me and to be fairly honest - and I think you've been waiting for me to admit this for a couple posts now - I think spending so much time with Skarsky is quite a danger zone as well.

Oh shoot. Well.
I'll then go for a run.

Love you.

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