Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Reward hidden in trousers ...

Now I am a 22 year old single reincarnation of Bridget Jones. How come I have not thought of this earlier?!

Almost two hours at the gym yesterday and in a rush I had to make myself look pretty for the guy we would meet at the bowling center. So no time for wellness, for sauna and relaxing, nothing. There was no time for curling my hair (I'm really obsessed these days with Vintage hair, bit of a curly pin up style) and because I'd been at the gym and had to use the weird hair dryer they have. As a result I had very shiny hair and not a bit curly, it was really sleek. But I looked and felt good after the workout.

Bowling itself was fun, I enjoyed it mainly because I had to keep moving, losing more calories. I also realised that I had not eaten one thing the entire day. Yes, some veggies and a pudding, that was the plan - but I DID NOT EAT IT!

Being near that guy again was fun but again there's no chance that he'll contact me.
I was really happy though because Skarsky, the guy from work, sent me a text, nothing special but it made my day. Silly.

So today I decided to meet a friend (used to be a close friend but I never see her these days) at the gym. We worked out for 1,5 hours and then took some time and went to the sauna.

I still am amazed that I have never thought of this before.

Ladies, there are some really fit guys out there. One of them I've been watching before, he was running in front of me, really fast and had such a nice arse. Sorry, but there really aren't many possibilities to avoid that view, I was on a treadmill right behind.
Later it turned out that I knew the guy, as soon as he turned around I hated myself for looking like a pig when I'm sweating. He looked gorgous.

Well, there are these guys and now, spending so much time in the wellness area, it finally hit me.

Get a good workout first.
And then go get your reward.

I LOVE men with a good body. Arse and legs aren't that important but the torso and back and neck ... oh boy.

Well, I plan on going to the gym again tomorrow.

The thing is:
I came home and binged on a pizza and two slices of bread with salmon and onion.
Afterwards I felt really guilty. Now that I'm going to the gym again it feels even worse, eating. So I did something I have not done in a long time: I purged. Fingers down my throat and i got rid of almost everything.

Okay so I had a pizza ... or not. But I did, sort of, right? So I have to go back to the gym tomorrow.

I'm tired but will read 3 or 4 posts, go to bed, SLEEEEEEEEP.

Lots of love!

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  1. oooh. sexy workout girl, eh? <3
    it's fun when you realise you haven't eaten and your intention was to EAT. <3 gahhh. awesome feeling.
    i can't hear you.
    you're not talking about men.
    okay. i'm a kid. we know this.
    ...EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. salmon and onion bread! *vegetarian*
    i once tried purging out pizza. it was a BITCH. :( hope you feel better. pizza-purging is disgusting and takes a lot of time. you can taste the GREASE coming out too.

    -Sam Lupin