Sunday, 25 December 2011

what keeps me going.

Sammy and Fat Piggy will get me through tomorrow.

I spent this day trying to get my apartment clean and tidy but somehow could'nt finish it. There was too much food I found in the kitchen - most of it is gone now and I did not get rid of it by using the bin. Finally I came to my senses and started reading your blogs - after all I had a lot of catching up to do. Had there only been more time ...

but time went by way too quickly and I had to go some friends' house. We played cards ... and had some salad. Potatoes. Salad is not always the best choise, believe me. Especially not when mixed with french fries. Potatoe salad and fries, what a silly combination!

An hour ago I finally found my way home (it is 4 am now) and, knowing how much I ate this night, I decided to read Judith's blog.
Bloody hell, Judith, I love your blog but it really took some time to read all those posts. Okay, my own fault, I should've fixed my computer sooner and stay up to date all that time. Her blog is not exactly a thinspiration to me, I feel to much when I read her blog, but it always has this effect on me like ... well, an eye-opener or something like that. I cannot quite explain but I am really focused after every post. focused on what exactly one god knows but focused nevertheless.

The good thing is:
You might remember that during stocktaking I had to go to this birthday party and met a really goodlooking bloke (imagine this dream guy, charisma that only men like Clooney, Jude Law, Johnny Depp have. Someone every girl wants to have). We got along really well, there was chemistry, but I didn't ask for his number and neither did he. It was a "well ... we both know we're interested but probably will never see each other again. Goodbye then - but be sure that I will always remember you and think of you with a smile".

The friends asked if I wanted to go bowling tomorrow, huge crowd, about 12 to 15 people will be there - including that guy. I really doubt that anything interesting will happen but here's the plan:

I will get up early (notice how late I post every time and mention that I'll be up again in 5 hours? Maybe I should change something) and go to the gym for about 3 hours. 1,5 hours workout, 1,5 hours wellness.
Afterwards I will get some stuff ready for work, do my paperwork, TIDY UP THE REST OF MY APARTMENT (and if I don't, please please please shoot me!!) and read Sammys and Piggys blogs. I really look forward to reading those blogs.
Especially Sammy is someone who keeps me going. This blog is somehow ... important to me, don't ask me why.

Yep and that'll get me through the day, I'll allow myself a pudding and maybe a very very small portion of cooked vegetables (peas and carrots) but no more.

Don't really have the time to eat, too, after all I have to find a perfect outfit for the evening. Skinny Jeans and maybe a Christmasy pullover (red white and blue with reindeers on it, bit fluffy) and a headband maybe? Curls! CURLS!!! That'll take some time. And of course my 50's eyeliner.

Yep, the guy will regret not having my phone number. Haha. Oh I'm only abusing him for not finding time to binge.

Another thought: People keep calling me Scherbatsky. It started a couple months ago when I had to dye my hair brown (because of work, I had Rihanna extreme red hair until then) and i was at a club when a guy next to me looked up and said nothing but "Scherbatsky". He looked stunned, I was stunned and said "Uhm. Right" and walked away. Since then it's been happening again and again. I'm still wondering if it's a compliment or not.


  1. holy crap that was not mean - ur comment on my post, i need some smack on the head. i got too comfortable with my thin & thinner co-workers telling me i'm thin. WHITE FAT LIES. so thanks.

    i wish i had a boy like that johnny depp and jude law merged into one. and uh, yea that is interesting, salad with french fries, huh, almost like having chicken breast with a Baileys shot.

  2. awe, love. doesn't matter how you got rid of it, as long as it's getting rid of. <3 we all lose ourselves sometimes.
    oh yum. i want potatoe salad.
    <3 Jude Law.
    what if that girl is not attracted to men? ;) ahahaha.
    fucking tidying sucks.
    *blushes and hides head* aweee. <3 you just made me smile. i've been having a rather crappy day already.
    you're adorable. if you were to be in a