Wednesday, 21 December 2011

how to go out for lunch and lose weight.

Do you know the miserable rich? They have this amazing video for their song „Let me fade“ – starring two squirrels. I love squirrels. Russell Brand once compared American and English squirrels in his first autobiography “My Booky Wook” and said that the English ones are so much more beautiful and I think he’s right. I’m glad they didn’t pick grey squirrels for the video.

My computers not doing so well – again. Sometimes I’m glad that computers are not kids, I’d probably get an award for being the worst computer mum ever. Cannot look after this baby, there’s always something wrong with it.

Last time I found time to blog was during stocktaking.

Oh and I wrote one I couldn’t put online but posted it a couple minutes ago – so my last post was written in November, remember that when you’re reading please.

I barely see warehousewowguy these days but luckily the flirting ended – maybe because he once said I should send him a text if I wanted to hang out that Friday night and I didn’t. Smart girl that I am I decided to enjoy the compliments and ignore the man. Feel good when he says something nice but that’s all. Healthy attitude.

Not so healthy is my attitude when it comes to Skarsky, the other guy from our building. He can be a right arse, believe me, and I have absolutely no reason to like him. After all I never get the feeling that he likes me or sees me as a “friend”-colleague. Which is why our relationship towards each other is a bit weird:

We always go for a smoke together, it seems like there’s no one else we could go with. He’ll call, I’ll say “Yep”, and I’ll spend another 5 minutes with him. All of a sudden he started asking me if I’d come to lunch with him and the guys from his team – and after a couple days it wasn’t asking, it was “We’ll leave in 5 minutes, meet you downstairs”.

I said “not so healthy” … see what I mean? Yes, I had Chinese 5 times in 2 weeks. Greasy Chinese food. The good thing is – and I suggest you learn from me! – is that I finally discovered salt and pepper. And Chili. Whatever there is on the plate, eat sloooowly and as soon as you feel full - or, if you don’t, then just do it as soon as you’ve eaten half of the portion – spice it up! Make your food unbearable!

Skarsky and the other guys don’t even ask no more, which is good.

After two weeks of getting into this routine I even survived the 3 course dinner at our Christmas party, I only had about 5 bites in total. Good, isn’t it? I lost weight that night.

I’ve got a week off now and that is not good at all. All of a sudden I started eating again and have not felt worse in ages.

Starting tomorrow I will start dieting again.

Skarsky has 3 weeks off and I probably won’t be seeing him until then (although he suggested I’d come round but we’ll wait and see) – until then I want to be skinnier. When he comes back to work in 3 weeks I want him and his team to look at me and actually say “You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”

Maybe it is a good thing that I only had lunch with that team because he asked me to and now that he’s not there I probably won’t be eating lunch for 3 weeks. As soon as he’s back he’ll ask again, I’ll say yes (and damn, I’ll be wearing my skinniest jeans and a really skinny top!), order the smallest portion, have two bites, pour some soy on it and then they’ll look at me and see that I’ve lost weight.

I finally know what to do with my flat. It’ll cost me a lot and I don’t have the money but next year I’ll redecorate my apartment. Vintage has always been my thing and I decided to put a lot of beige, white and pink in it. It will be a bit romantic – not kitsch but cosy and a bit girly and there will be lots of things from the 20s-50s.

Oh I need more money, I finally found vintage stores nearby and want to check them out but dare not to without any money in my bank account.

Shoot. 4 am and have a dentist appointment in 5 hours. Good night!

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