Monday, 21 November 2011


Stocktaking is FUN!

It also turns out to be a good workout. So after the first two days I had to help in the other warehouse and wanted to impress that guy from my office but we barely spoke to each other, there was no time.

I did talk to one of the guys who works in that warehouse, though. Oh my gosh, he's really lovely.
He gave me his oversized sweater and said I could keep it. When I said "really?" he said "Of course. I woulnd't give it to you if I wouldn't like you, don't you worry". That was really nice.

The first two days I had salad and ate only half of it - but the salad really wasn't good, my stomach kept grumbling so I ordered pizza the other two days. Sounds foolish, doesn't it? But it turned out to be the right thing, I didn't feel sick and ate only half of both pizzas. And the workout.

Warehouse-guy helped me whenever he saw me carry something heavy. Clever girl that I am I only picked the heavy boxes from every top shelf as soon as I realized I'd have him around as long as I went for them plus I'd get a lot of exercise.

Saturday night I went to a party (yep. After 11 hours at work.) and stayed there until 3 am because there was another guy who was really nice and good looking and quite a flirt. We didn't even touch but there was a connection and I had to prove myself that I was ready to move on (you know ... after the affair ...) - yep, I talked to him for a couple hours, made myself feel a lot better and went home at 3 am (without a phone number, though). 4 hours later I got up again and went back to another 12 hours at the warehouse (to admire warehouse-guy).

Tomorrow morning I'll go to the gym again (okay, I spent 11 hours at work - again! and I'll have to get up in 5 hours again but who gives a shit).
Hopefully skinny treadmill-girl will be there. The inspiration.
I'd love to post a photo, you guys would LOVE her!!!

I don't really know how to handle those silly stories about the guys. Warehouse guy, that one especially. Because I'll see him from time to time, I'm really attracted to him, I won't see him often enough and I'm not allowed to date him because I don't want to date someone at the same company.

Hm. Tricky.
What would Jane do ...

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  1. Hey Nads!
    this post was so cheerful, it really sounds like you're having a good time even with the long working hours, I'm so glad for you!
    Stay happy honey, you deserve it!
    (also, dating at work? Best Thing Ever lol)