Friday, 18 November 2011

Inspiration on a treadmill

It's annual stocktaking-time.

I've been counting for 10 hours today - it was fun. I liked it. Okay ... I'll admit: The guy I had to count with was the young guy who goes for a smoke with me every now and then. The guy I skipped lunch for only to smoke a cigarette with him once?. I enjoyed his company, it was fun. He's tall and looks a bit like Alexander Skarsgard (Eric, Tru Blood) - not that good of course but the same type.

Tomorrow I won't be in that warehouse (the one under my office) but in another warehouse. Have to be there at 7:30 - Shoot, that's in 11 housrs!
Okay. Thing is: however much I enjoyed that guys company, the other guy will be there tomorrow.

The one I had the argument with, the day before I fainted. Remember? He's about 30 years old but looks a bit younger. He's got a lot to say in our team and I really want to impress him. But somehow we don't really get along. He doesn't know how to talk to me, he said so. And so we're avoiding each other. That wouldn't be a problem - after all there are so many other people who can help me out and I really don't have to talk him.

Now imagine that: I actually like this guy. I really do. Not only that Iwant to impress him, whatever the cost, no, I "like" him as in I want him to think of me in a good way. I want him to like me, too.
I wouldn't fall for him, don't you worry, that's out of question. But today when he came in our office for ten minutes - well, I felt better. He didn't talk to me (after all there was nothing to talk about) but I couln't help myself. I kept looking at him. For the first time I saw him in a hoodie. Normally he's the shirt and v-neck sort of guy, very british, very stylish. Not today.
It felt good to see that he's wearing normal stuff, too. That he has clothes who don't belong to the office.
Ever noticed how you cannot imagine some colleagues in other clothes but their business clothes? I'm rambling, I know. But it really was a nice experience.

Whatever happens tomorrow, I want to improve our relationship, I want thim to notice I'm a nice person.

Monday and Tuesday we had a cigarette together (yes, I timed it a bit, I saw him leaving the office and went after him. Only because I wanted to talk to him in a normal way, to create a relaxed situation after our huge fight). And woooh we actually talked for a couple minutes. So that was good.

During the stocktaking our company pays for our lunch. So we order pizza every day for the next day - Yesterday and today I had salad.

Our team consists of about 20 people and I was the only one to eat salad! But my stomach went crazy so tomorrow I'll have pizza. It's a very small one so I guess it's okay.

Yesterday I went to the gym before work and it was so inspiring! There was this girl on the treadmill and she was skinny, as skinny as Nicole Richie in her skinniest days. But she kept running. For 2 hours. It was amazing to watch!

I don't have time to go to the gym today, tomorrow and Sunday but will do next week because it really felt good to work out again.

You should do that, too.

Lots of love

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